handcrafted tableware ceramics set

hand-made tableware
for your restaurant

At Projectorium, we make ceramic plates, bowls, and other tableware by hand. They fit perfectly with the experience you want to offer to your restaurant guests.

First, we look at your personal preferences, your cuisine, and the interior design of your restaurant. With that in mind, we craft high-end tableware for your dishes to shine, and for your guests to admire.

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handcrafted tableware ceramics set

why projectorium?

Unique pieces, made by hand, one by one.

Customised ceramics fitting your concept

We work with you and create customised pieces to fit your cuisine, interior design, and brand.

Handmade ceramics shipped all over the world

We ship all over the world and deliver in time.

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We would love to give your restaurant the tableware it deserves.