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All of my ceramic pieces can be washed in a dishwasher, unless there is a note that mentions otherwise.

All of my pieces are safe for serving food, unless there is an explicit recommendation for decorative use only.

If the item is ready for shipment, it will take 1-3 business days for it to leave the studio. Delivery time depends on the destination and the preferred shipping method. Read more about delivery times on our shipping page.

If you want to reduce the shipment time, please choose for “Priority shipping” and contact me.

The average time for orders on demand is 3-4 weeks. It also depends on the amount of orders I have at the time. 

Yes, definitely. Please bear in mind that customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply when importing my pieces. Note that customs may slow down delivery deadlines.

Yes. You are always welcome to come and meet me at my ceramic studio, located in Kraków, Poland. We can have a chat with a cup of coffee or tea (free of charge) and have a look at the ceramic pieces that are available at that moment. Payments are possible by card. Just send me a message me on Facebook or Instagram in advance. I’ll make sure to be there.

handmade ceramics studio

ul. Górników 25, 30-816 Kraków, Poland

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I’m very happy to see that my ceramics are often gifted as a present for a loved one.

When you buy at my studio, I use all my skills and imagination to create lovely package, using natural materials like grey paper, tissue paper, jute twine and dried plants of the green surroundings. 

When shipping is involved, I do my best to wrap the pieces in a nice package. Still, avoiding damage during shipping is priority.

It takes at least two weeks to create one piece of ceramics. The first stage is creating the shape. Depending on the desired effect, I use different clay techniques. Some of my ceramic pieces are handmade, using pinch pot technique (with my fingers and a simple hand tools to create the shape). Others are made with a slab, plaster moulds or a pottery wheel.

When the shape is ready, the clay needs to get bone-dry. This takes about one week. Then, I put my piece into the kiln for the first firing (at 900°C). This “bisque” firing lasts for 48 hours. The result is hard, white clay that can be glazed.

Then, my favourite part of the job begins: The decoration. I like to mix different materials and glazing techniques so the ceramic piece to make each piece one of its kind. My works reflect my mood, my emotions, travel impressions and nature images. That’s why I call it emotional landscapes.

After glazing, the piece is fired for the second time (at 1100-1300°C). If all goes well, I get a shiny, waterproof piece of handmade ceramics ready to be shipped.

Yes, they are. That is why they can slightly differ in size, shape or color. The differences are the natural and expected effect of handmade products.

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