My work, my emotional landscapes

My work is a reflection of my heart and soul, brought to life by my eyes and hands. Every plate, platter, bowl or other utensil is unique and handmade, from clay modelling to glazing.

For every collection, I start by getting deep understanding of the gastronomic philosophy of my client and the overall experience they want to create. The tableware is an important accessory that forms the canvas for the chef to display their creation. It has to reflect the overall atmosphere in the restaurant, but also give the food the spotlight it deserves. 

I draw inspiration for each collection of tableware from the beauty and seasonality of nature, impressions during travels, childhood holiday memories and of course from the different facets of the restaurants I work for.

Gastronomy and ceramics are both an art on their own. Together, they can stimulate even more senses. 

Inspired by nature