My work, my emotional landscapes

My collection is a reflection of my heart and soul, shaped by my eyes and hands. Every plate, platter, bowl or other utensil is unique and handmade, from clay modelling to glazing.

I draw inspiration for the different series from the beauty and seasonality of nature, impressions during travels, childhood holiday memories, and a lot more. My ideas are constantly evolving and are reflected in different series.

The black beach, volcanic landscapes and northern lights in Iceland triggered me to create series like Moon, Frozen or Northern Lights. The Rusty series was inspired by my travels to Japan and the idea of wabi sabi. It shows that beauty can also lie in imperfection and degeneration. The lush, green landscapes in New Zealand, the blossoming trees in Japan, and the wild plants, flowers and trees outside of my studio gave me the idea for the Savage Garden, Cherry Blossom and Early Winter series. Every series has its origins in what I see, feel and experience.

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Inspired by nature